Monday, March 26, 2012


i made this one two times. my favorite is the orange, but the pink helped me to get there + i thank her. etsy added w/love xox

Monday, March 19, 2012

happy spring

i have a lil' spring variety pack to share with you. first, i was playing with alice. it was fun to open up alice in wonderland + draw on some of her pages.

somehow my hip + cheek also got pulled into spring :)

+ cheers to you this season with cocoa + peeps +

+ last is a drawing inspired by our oldest son from when he walked in the door from school + said this a couple years ago. i like to take it back out + savor the goodness. happy spring to each of you! (all's etsy added w/love...including alice originals) xox

Monday, March 12, 2012

a page from my book in progress

i wanted to share with each of you a peek at a page from my book in progress that i've been working on for a few years now! whew! it is filled with anonymous quotes from my therapy clients + accompanied by my narrative reflection + illustration. these pages are strung together in a way that tells a healing story. i long for the day to share the whole thing with the whole of you!! there is still a whole process ahead + timetimetime to wait...but i wanted to share what i've been up to with you! the type of my writing is small above + so i include it here as well:

"something deep to learn: my favorite p.o. box exists in my heart. i love to hear what piles in. i try to give special attention to messages i hear more than once. here's a few of my own lately. i want to write secret love notes + leave them in library books. make up lullabies + sing them into a little recorder. i want to keep telling strangers they are beautiful. + there exists this deep thing. i get into trouble as soon as i stop paying attention. such messages come in on peacock colored wings + are meant to be lived. we all feel it. how scary it is to stretch. to bare teeth + bones into our world. to be here fully."


+ one last lil' sharing with you today...

i love this song for all of us (xo):

Monday, March 5, 2012

taking in my full garden

i have been working on a book called "all i did was listen" in stages for a few years now. as i completed the narrative portion of my latest draft, i went to my drawing table + made this new print. there is an increased fullness coming forward. maybe i'll share a page (in progress) here soon. sending love to all the fullness increasing in each of you as well.

(the print, mug, tee + one other new tee all etsy added w/love