Wednesday, January 20, 2010

every last lock


Anonymous said...

Oh I just Love your style of ART !!!! Lovely

Lynda Howells said...

l really like your Art. Very clean and crisp and just adorable..x

Anonymous said...

Your words and your art "lift me up"
I celebrate your choice to venture into the publishing world.
What a gift!
Thank you.

Kolleen said...

thank you SO much for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind note.
it meant SO much!!

what a great blog you have ...and beautiful art!!

i am a follower!!

happy weekend.

Milena said...

Goddess Leonie recommended your blog and I am so very glad she did. Your artwork is precious, inspiring and so much fun. Thank you for sharing your creativity :)

aimee said...

oh fabadabadoo!! what a juicy, colorful world you have - you're going in my sidebar right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh cool mad hair! Love it.
Thank you so much for you're lovely comment.
So nice to hear from you.
Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

rachel awes said...

*lady of the house* & i am thankful for you loving my art (truly!).

*lynda* thank you for your specific affirming observations (so much!).

*handspirit* thank you for celebrating my choice to pursue publishing...please know how much your words lift me!!!

*kolleen* i am thankful now for the capitalized letters of "SO" & your kind words!!

*milena* thank you for letting me know about goddess leonie's was such a fun surprise to find that! & thank you for words precious to me.

*aimee* YOU are fabadabadoo!!

*julie-ann* thank you for the hair comment/it was so fun to create/my 11 yr. old son gave me oil pastels for Christmas & it was fun to try them out! hugs back to you AND angels!!