Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new life

i was at a baby shower recently & wowed by new life within...


ELK said...

it is a "wow" moment for sure . lovely expression in this rachel

Amariah said...

Love it Rachel!!

Faiza said...

we both saw rainbows and went to baby showers in the same week!

i got my prints in the mail yesterday. thank you for sending them so quickly. i adore them and can't wait to put them on display for everyone to see!

Terri said...

just discovered you through aimee's links. i'm going to enjoy poking here, i can tell.

i worked on a drawing last night, and to my surprise, my woman's hair was suddenly a rainbow. so, i'm compelled to comment, not only for the synchronicity of that, but because I ADORE YOUR WORK!!!

S. Etole said...

I like the simplicity of this ...

Kolleen said...

love this....there is NOTHING quite like the new life delicious and i honestly miss it sometimes!! i try to tell all mommies to be to "drink it up"...enjoy this precious time shared only between the two of you.

sending love

sherilee said...

I am a rainbow fanatic! Love this illustration and all it embodies!

Lisa said...

I just met my friend's newest member of the family today, and another friend of mine just had a baby. And I love rainbows! Beautiful, Rachel, Beautiful.

Can't recall if I responded to your other note--Thank you for the info/clarification on your etsy shop sales!! :)

chrissy said...

oh rachel.
how sweet and gentle you are.
i LOVE to visit here and be reminded of the beauties all around take us down so many different avenues.
i love touring life with you.
you "make happy!"
loves to you.
(and kisses to abe! whoo hoo)

Milena said...

Rachel, I find your blog so very lovely and therefore would like to give you a beautiful blogger award. Stop by my blog to take a look xxx

Anonymous said...

Rachel! Hi-Love yoour artwork, it is so uplifting! I found you via Artsyville Aimee and then I thought..hmmm...that name is familiar and remembered that I had seen your artwork on Briana's blog at so glad I am here! Thanks for sharing your art and comes through your images!

Lindy G. Gaskill said...

Hi Rachel, Rainbows, mamas and babes are so is a gift!

Thanks for inspiring me with your images, words and color! I put the print I bought of yours in my art studio for inspiration. Thank you for sending it so quickly and it arrived in perfect condition.

aimee said...

bravo and beautiful! you said so much with the lines and color that you didn't even need one word in this drawing. i am so excited to get my prints. your art just makes my day. xo

Ruthie Redden said...

rachel, thank you so mcuh for visiting me, i love your bright & happy illustrations, they do make me smile. lovely to meet you x

rachel awes said...

*elk* thank you for your wow sharing! i was sure wowed by your recent cello posting!! looovve it!

*amariah* thank you deeeaaar soul!

*faiza* love the beauties in common so much! & i'm thrilled you received the prints & adoring them!! much adoration your way from me!!

*terri* thanks for visiting & love our rainbows in common & i appreciate deeply your kind words!! lots of colors beamed to you!

*s.etole* thank you for seeing the simplicity & sharing all your posting beauties!

*kolleen* thank you for your ongoing loving!! & here's to all the gorgeous mothering you do (& dear friending!).

*sherilee* thank you for sharing your rainbow enthusiasm (i just finished another rainbow piece that will post in april) & your colorful support!!

*lisa* i am just LOVING these connections/thank you so much for sharing them with me!!

*chrissy* love sharing the "tour" & being alongside yours too! thank you again, wildly, for your posting today!!!

*milena* thank you so tremendously much for your blogger award!! you've made my heart sing & do a happy dance.

*jennifer* i am so happy you found me & i have delighted in finding your blog as's a big ol' beauty garden!!

*lindy* thank you so much!! i was THRILLED to see your comment on my etsy, along with a photo of my print framed on your wall!!! i am so honored by someone who creates gorgeous work herself!!!!

*aimee* i am so excited for you to get my prints (hopefully soooon!). :) your words above are day-making. thank you oodles doodles.

*ruthie* so lovely to meet you too & am thankful for a bright & happy connection. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,

I was delighted to find a comment from you this morning! Thank you for your kind words. Making art has been a real joy for me.
Thank you for sharing your creations with us. They are beautiful and they make me smile! What more could you ask for? ♥


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

This actually took my breath away. Wow. Wow. And a million more wows.