Saturday, May 22, 2010

rain on my skin & a giveaway to yours

this piece was inspired by natasha bedingfield's song "unwritten" & i did it for my birthday. the truest glowy gifts are really all your hearts beating nearby all the time & i take THAT in & thank you.
i thought it would be fun to offer a gift today. here's how you can enter to win:

*one entry: go to & take note of your favorite print & come back here with a comment of what it is. if you win, you win your fav print.
*additional entries: if you buy something from my etsy shop this week, leave three extra comments here.
*another entry: if you become a follower of my blog or become a facebook fan of all i did was listen (all on the right hand side of my blog) this week, those are each comments/entries.
*another entry: post about the giveaway on your blog.

entries will be gathered until 1 pm thursday may 27. i'll write all your names on paper, with love, & have one of my sons pick the winner out of a hat. be sure to let me know how to reach you. thank you for playing with me! xo


lillalotta said...

Ooo I am in, I am in.
I am having a terribly difficult time picking a favourite print from your shop though *ponders* I think I will pick Most lovely valentinest. Gorgeous colours
*crossing my fingers*

Faiza said...

happiest happiest birthday to you rachel! wishing you a symphony of hearts beating all around you today and always. love you!

Faiza said...

oh i forgot to say that my favorite piece is "to the brim" :)

Izzy said...

Happpppyyy Birrrrtthhhhdddaayyy! All are my favorite but I'm adoring the one above "Rain on my skin". I love rain, seems to wash away all the bad stuff. I thought I was a fan here (I have your blog on my google reader) but wasn't and so I am now. Been a fan on FB for a while... And, what else? Oh, blogging you on my blog, will do pretty lady!! So, PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!! =) Much love.

ABCcreativity said...

my fave is the world waits!

Jeannine said...

My fave is love makes the world go round! Happy Birthday!

My Soul Can Dance said...

oh how lovely!!!! i would leap rainbows if i won this!! :) sending joy your way this weekend!

We Blog Artists said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! & such a GREAT giveaway.
I love the "I invite the Prairie in"
ALL your work is beautiful!
I am a follower of your blog and fan of your facebook!

aimee said...

i love how the umbrella looks like a citrus slice - your drawings are so juicy! hope you are having a delicious, sunshiny birthday! xo

Anonymous said...

I just love "It's this simple". The words are perfect.

Happy Birthday. So pleased to have discovered your blog.

Express said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!! I love "simply me, enough", but it was really hard to make a choice! I am already a fan on FB and a follower and I will write about you on my blog today!

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel,

I'm already a follower and just became a facebook fan! If I have to choose, which was very favs are, waiting to burst and invite the prairie. I will try to post this on my blog today or tomorrow. I'm off to a parade this morning to watch my son and then a baseball game. Happy day to you Rachel. :)

Unknown said...

My favorite is "it's this simple". Exactly what I have tried to teach my kids! Just learned about your art, and have become a follower plus a FaceBook fan! Since I'm a musician, I also love "hit your high note".

Meg Goodmanson said...

I love "I make rainbows when I leap"! Your work is beautiful! I am following and Facebook "like"-ing RIGHT NOW! :-)

Dee said...

...HaPpY BiRtHdAy...What a wonderful give away. I went to your shop and the print -More Room- is among my favorites and will have a place of honor in my art spot If I am blessed to win.:)

Alexandra MacVean said...

I totally LOVE this piece of artwork. Of course, I am a fan of umbrellas in general and LOVE LOVE the smell of rain. :) You brightend my day today, as I am feeling a bit gloomy. Thank you!

Lhia said...

I adore What we love matters
its something that I am trying to
remember in my daily life
no matter how "small" or "insignificant"
you think it might be to someone else
if YOU love it, its important

S. Etole said...

"She leaned in Close" is a favorite here ... may all your birthdays be filled with color ...

Kathianne said...

I am having a hard time just mentioning one! But, I think I'll go with "More Room." That one is really speaking to me at the moment.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Stopping by from Izzy's. I'm follower #161.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Love your work!!!! I'm a fan of "What you love matters..."
I hope I win!
Thanks for the opportunity.

Kolleen said...

beautiful goddess sunshiney Rachel....
happy happy happiest of birthdays to you
from Chrissy and Kolleen!!!

we are sending you blankets of love
and hugs
and smooches
and star fishes
and sand dollars
and ocean breezes of yumminess!!!

my favorite piece is the one on this post....
i am all about the rain
Chrissy's is Tending to My Heart's Terrain!

we hope you are tending to yours
on this very special day!!


SheilaC said...

hmmmmm... I already own my favorite print :)

But I also love this one:

it's this simple....'

LOVE your art, thanks for the give away


SheilaC said...



the wanderer [bernard] said...

okay... "taking in full skies" delivered so much joy and is my fav (but it's way too hard to pick one).
--the wanderer (michelle)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday to you, Rachel!!!! "High Note" is such a favorite of mine. Love you and love your art!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

So hard to choose. I already have Taking in Full Skies and New Life, which I adore. So I think I'll say Flower Showers is my new fave. May this year deliver happiness like you've never known before! Love you!

Kelly Berkey said...

"It's this Simple"! I want to win!! Love everything you do, but that one feels like me!
I'll jump over and follow you on fb soon!

Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

new life
that's my fave!

naomi orana said...

Wishing you a wonderful Birthday! Thank you for your beautiful, poetic greeting :)
All of your work is wonderful, I adore your latest creation "Rain on my skin".

lori vliegen said...

happiness to you every day.....but especially for your birthday, sweetness!!! and it's SO YOU to be offering us a gift of your artwork (i love "it's that simple" because it really is!!!).....but i know that you offer the gift of your HEART every time you leave one of your sweet comments at my blog, or post one of your precious pieces of creative happiness here at your blog!!! thank you, dear one!!! xox, :))

Trish said...

Pretty Peace is my favorite!!
thanks for the great giveaway;)
(love all your work)

Annette Q said...

Hi Rachel!
Great giveaway! And so generous to do so on your birthday...Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.
I LOVE the "i make rainbows when i leap. rainbow" it makes me smile. big time.
Ps. I'm already a follower too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine! Hope your day was great! My favorite print of yours is the one that is featured each day! I cannot chose one. :-( Peace, Jenny

leonie.wise said...

happy birthday gorgeous. 'knowing' you lights up my life!

i love all your prints. all. of. them.
you don't need to enter me in the draw, i'm sure someone else will love having your art in their home as much as i already do xxx

Milena said...

I hope you had a really magical day Rachel, filled with sunshine and laughter :) What an exciting giveaway! I love each new print you create, tis soooo hard to pick a favourite but I will go with your newest, rain on my skin. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creativity, as you already know, your art brightens my day xxx


thanks for the heartfelt comment on our blog! I had great fun browsing around your etsy shop, and blog. I'm so intrigued by your work!
I love "It's this simple" but then I saw "More Room" and I love that one too! Great messages - which you can tell from our work, we appreciate words that speak truth! keep up the great work!


new blog follower!


new face book follower! we've got a page too:

Elizabeth Halt said...

Happy happy birthday! "Constellations are also on the ground" must be new? I don't remember seeing it the last time I looked. I love that - my new favorite. (In fact, if it were available in cards, I would buy a set or two. It would be such a great card to send to friends.)

rachel awes said...

elizabeth (& blessed all!), i just added a new card set to my etsy shop. you can pick three of any images from my prints/art & i'll send out two of each (set of six cards). hope that's a helpful & happy addition. xo

meghan said...

Oh my goodness, this is my first time here and I love your work! When your site opened and I saw your blog header I grinned & knew I was going to like it here! My favorite is 'above the storm clouds.' I am going to go back now and have another good look. It is very nice to meet you!

Lori said...

Oh. my. god. I LOVE her boots! Hard to choose but my favorite print is more room. All of your work just exudes positivity and happiness.

nevin said...

Happy Birthday :))
"All I did was listen" I just love this name.
I might paint this :)) Love from Melbourne.

vicki hartman said...

This is so fun! And your drawings are so great!
I just became a follower, and also my favorite print (hard to pick) is 'to the brim'!
also, thanks for stopping by my blog, 'these 2 words'!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday, Rachel! I love the lyrics of this song.

I can't pick a favorite print! They all speak to me on some level--> the image on some, the words on some, both images and words on others. So, if I'm the lucky winner, I ask you to choose!

Thanks for the giveaway--Have a great weekend!

Afsaneh said...

I'm too late for your giveaway :) You have very lovely style! This illustration is adorable! xo

Lindy G. Gaskill said...

Oh, phooey, I was unplugged for awhile and missed your giveaway. You know I think your art is so lovely and my fav is the one I bought from you.

Happy "belated" birthday to you!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Aww, drats. Missed it!

I love the song, and I love your painting! Beautiful fluid lines, and her raindrop dress is fantastic!

Hope you had the BESTEST birthday!