Thursday, July 1, 2010

passing on the love

i found this egg at the base of a tree, closed,
while on a walk this week.
i picked it up & kept walking,
holding it in my hand,
wondering wildly
about it's yokey message
& a half-block later
i opened it & found
a paper guitar & pick.
i now sit with this
new friend & wonder
about the music that might
keep rising, informing, inspiring me...
& i remain open & thankful.
oh, don't we all need
such gifts from the sea,
from a tree,
from deeply beautiful
you & me?!
passing on the love...xo


ELK said...

love when this happens . you many people would pass right by...

Julissa Mora said...

Oh wow, what a message :)

Faiza said...

fun! do you think it was a geocache?

S. Etole said...

making melody in our hearts ....

Onneke said...


painted fish studio said...

love this find.

Kathianne said...

How great that you found it and could write about it and share the music with all of us! I've been thinking about leaving some rocks/stones with inspirational sayings on them in random places. Just a little way to pass on some inspiration. said...

ah geeze, what a great find, rachel!!!!
the dancing...i knew we were kindred spirits...your son, dance...that is the BEST!!! i watch do you think you can dance...i too just crave dancing!!!! xoxo

lori vliegen said...

what a sweet find!! keep singing those heart songs.....and play on, sweet friend!! xox, :))

Dee said...

What a treasure. I think it would be fun to get some eggs and put a trinket and a message of love in it for someone to find. Maybe I will get my Grands to help me when they come for a visit this week. Sometimes I leave messages of hope and encouragement in magazines at the hospital or doctors office.I hope someone gets blessed by finding one.

Melissa said...

I adore this post! Thank you for it! I love when people slow down and notice the little things around them!
You are very inspiring and I am so glad to have found your blog!

Jennifer Richardson said...

My heart grins from ear to ear at this....then giggles with joy....then sighs and rests back, relieved at the genius of Love:)

Juliette Crane said...

how incredibly lovely! i have so been wanting to write little paper messages and tuck them in hidden spots for wanderers like you to find. a weekend project. thank you for the inspiration and beauty!

happy days!

Lisa said...

How lovely and exciting! I've heard of people dropping messages and kind notes, but not of someone finding it...especially someone like you who deserves and honors its message.


Julissa Mora said...

Me again :) I'm so exciting and can't wait to see your picnic image. Yay! Have a magical day!

Kelly Berkey said...

Sweet treat!
Have a wonderful weekend dear Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Magic. Pure lovely magic.

We Blog Artists said...

it could have been a Geocache...but then there should have been a list for lovely to find treasures...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Unknown said...

Oh, that is so cool Rachel! Are you gonna put something in the egg for someone else to find?
Happy 4th to you and your family.


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the nash diaries said...

aww chweet...

aimee said...

what a gem in the yolk! you were destined to find that!

p.s. did you see marnunefrei's comment? now that is poetry on an entirely new level!! ;)

Elizabeth Halt said...

What a fun thing to find!

Annette Q said...

awww, this made me smile, v.v.sweet :-)

Mindy said...

Whoa, what a surprising, thoughtful gift to a stranger I suppose? This little story of whimsey makes me happy. Thanks for sharing it.