Monday, April 25, 2011

a change of scenery

sometimes a little change of scenery

helps to thaw my winter bones

& spring into creativity.

(photos from last weekend).

love to you all. xox


Diane said...

Great photos! And yes, we all need times like this!

Anonymous said...

i love the perspective on the trees :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to go straight up those trees and feel the breezes.

Brooke said...


Eydie Kugler said...

So looking forward to “spring into creativity”.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful words and photos.
I love the wisdom that is within the bark of those trees.

lori vliegen said...

i love your perspective on things! (and can i just say that i'm crazy over that photo of those trees?!!) glad you had a great weekend! xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

I LOVE the colors you wrap
around your life....creativity
springs from you like sparks
from a fire!
Thanks for the tender cow's eyes(swoon),
the trees waving at blue skies,
your lovely hand and heart,
wind tickling straw
and turkeys trying to sort out
which door to choose:)
Looks as if Spring has sprung
in rachel!

Julia said...

Change of scenery and spring and Rachel...three things I love.


Bella Sinclair said...

Ooooh, wonderful! The shot of the tall trees reaching and bending toward the sky, especially, made me giddy with excitement. Hooray for getaways!

aimee said...

oh, oh OH! are those roosters communing with each other in front of the red doors? i don't know my birds very well, but i DO love that picture!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I just love your change of scenery! he he he he! How delicious. Hope that you had a wonderful and restful holiday. I am super duper busy relocating. Do I need to even tell you how crazy it is around here right now?? Crazy doesn't even begin to describe what is going on here. Please keep me in your most positive thought and prayers. I just had to stop by and visit my friend.
Hope that all is well with you,

kelly barton art + design said...

mmmmmmmm. always a good thing.
"prepare for spring thaw" has me giggling.
it is so wet here right now!

i love how you spread the love and kindness. yes i do.

Yael said...

What a BEAUTIFUL hand you have Rachel!

illustration poetry said...

this is how it looks like when i touch my lover.

Kolleen said...

love all your photos so much....the shot of the trees is amazing!

so happy you had this time to spring into creativity!

loving you
k said...

VERY inspiring post LOVEY! loving your change of scenery and you made me giggle alot as i started whippin' in through here. HAPPY BOINGGG SPRINNNGGG to you! XOXO

Lori said...

Stop it! Gorgeous photos! Wow. LOVING the beautiful turkeys and cow. And, of course, your sweet hand.


Unknown said...

I love your images!

ELK said...

the way you presented these is so artistic ..filled with motion .. hopeful and fun!!

Robin Norgren, M.A, Owner of Josey's Art School said...

SMILING from ear to ear....with some tears glistening my ears. Love you!-Robin

Lesa said...

New here, very nice blog!

Jenny Blair said...

spring thaw has definitely begun here and we are all leaping and bounding along with it :)Such brilliant photos, I LOVE those tall trees stretching up towards the heavens...beautiful...I'd be hugging them too :)x

Alisa : Ink Caravan said...

Hi Rachel, Lovely to meet you and visit your beautiful, soulful blog. Thank you for your sweet comment, such a fab start to my day. x

Vicki Smith said...

Yippee! Spring has finally arrived in New Jersey. Love how your trees are reaching up for the sky!

NightlySun said...

Wow! I'm loving it!!

Sarah Knight said...

Very cool shots : )

suzanne cabrera said...

Nice!!!! As someone who hasn't experienced a change of scenery in quite a while, I definitely second this statement! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Anonymous said...

I am preparing for the spring thaw, and I am so ready for things to warm up! I love your images!! Love the image of your kind hand. Thanks for always spreading joy!

Carissa Paige said...

my heart
to see!

I want to nap in the tall grass
& swish you around in your fibery skirt!

(ooooh was this your book brewing weekend?!)

LoVEee eee Eee Eee !