Monday, May 30, 2011

just you, just me

my heart


when i take in

how we


& care for

one another.

sending love

to just you,

from just me. xo


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE this, Rachel. Thank you!!!!

Jenny Blair said...

returning that love to you Rachel...BIG, bright and beautiful! xxx

naomi orana said...

Just Beautiful!
I love your painting as well :-)

nacherluver said...

All smiles here after that.

Happy Mama (Lisa Gonzalez) said...

My heart is smiling :) Loving these pics of the beauties out in nature. Loving your painting! I hope you'll show us more paintings, soon!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh I can relate to this with all my heart! I am in awe by your ability to express deep and profound emotions without being verbose or shall I say what others including myself suffere from: logorrhea. Have a loving, beautiful day, Rachel!!! Tsup!

Ces Adorio said...

See, I even use extra letters. (suffer) Hahahaha!

chrissy said...

Oh my bfiFm
Hand over heart
Yogurt swirling
Deer watching quietly by the river
I love these photo reminders of love
Of us
Of us holding hands through the forest
Through our lives
I am loving you wild Rachel Awes!
This "us" ... We have...
Is a precious blessing!


kelly barton art + design said...

so good.

Mary said...

you love well my dear!

okay, is that your beautiful freckled arm?? great watch...who makes it?? :)

Judit Labòria said...

I love your paintings !!!!

Kimerly said...

Rachel, I came across your blog by 'accident'. (there are no accidents). I have been uplifted and inspired ever since. Thanks for sharing your heart's song.

Tammie Lee said...

so very lovely

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!
Beautifully you.

ELK said...

oh thank you ever so much for this lovely series of friends .. creative and amazing ..that is just you!!

I sent one of your cards to my faraway daughter .. such a joy to hold and write on..wanted to let you know

Rebecca Anthony said...

There is so much beautiful energy in this post, full of love!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Awww, just lovely! With friendships, near and far, you never are alone. Beautiful photos.

I read about some storms passing through your area. Hope all is well.


Carissa Paige said...

heart sewn strand space
trailing, receiving, blessing, being
growing, stretching, hand-in-handing

VE <--- your painting so! i hope hope hope you will venture more into the lands of paint!

i love all that springs
from the garden of ewe!


Kolleen said...



yes. you.



Yael said...

The one with the green bracelets must be yours!

Such a joyful post Rachel, oops, I almost missed it, how could I?

Thank you for giving freely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

The LOVE that pools and spreads out,
soaking each of these photos,
is unspeakably beautiful!
Freeing and far-flung love:)
Splashing some more
back at you,

Lisa said...

Ahhhh Rachel...I'm just going to soak in this for a bit. thank you....

Julia said...

Loving you dearly, precious one.

Becky Shander said...

Love circles those with open hearts...this is what comes to mind while reading your post, thank you.

Unknown said...

so awesome!

sherilee said...

Such great pictures, truly. Happy happy to you!

Anonymous said...

Oh so beautiful Rachel...

Eydie Kugler said...

Thank you
for inviting me
to join you
on your beautiful retreat.
so yummy and refreshing

Robin Norgren, M.A, Owner of Josey's Art School said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of the hands. So intimate and so secure. xoRobin

illustration poetry said...

just You
just Me
will always be
just You
just Me
forever be,
will always be


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have a

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S. Etole said...

to you, too ...

Elizabeth Halt said...

It looks like a weekend overflowing with love.

Megan Coyle said...

What an uplifting post :)

Sarah Knight said...

Lovely post : ) said...

Such a cheerful post and reminder of the things that are important

Faiza said...

love <3

Beautiful Awakenings - Kaz said...

What a wonderful blog and just so much in it, thanks for the inspiration. Love your pictures and text they go so well on the mugs.