Friday, September 7, 2012

listening to you

here begins "listening to you" ~
posts of art or photography referencing listening from you
(if you have something you would like included, please
email me at
*this first piece is by the lovely sigga dis:
Hi my name is Sigga Dis and I am a mixed media artist and a art teacher from Iceland. I teach art to children age 6 to 16 and I just love my job as well as I love making my paintings.


*this second set of two is by the lovely kaye llewelyn:

"I love to listen to all my senses, telling me what they feel.

To lean in just a little more to honor what you say.
To get down low to meet up close some tiny little eyes.
And to feel the wind and hear the song of each unfolding day."

Hi I'm Kaye. I love to create art that reminds us of the beauty within us and all around
and to embolden ones who've lost their way when I Mentor, Coach and Teach.


Mary said...

Oh I love these, thanks for sharing your place here, and giving us glimpses of others hearts.

Your's is big and beautiful you know...


artlover said...

Love your whimsy style;-)

Juliette Crane said...

so lovely & such a wonderful series! very inspiring! have a wonderful weekend!


Jess said...

A really lovely collection of beauty you have there! Thankyou for sharing it here, I will enjoy visiting those links. Have a great weekend Rachel.:)
Jess x x

Cathy Bueti said...

Oh Rachel! What a lovely idea! These are great! Nice to meet those sharing these inspiring pieces!


Susie said...

Both pieces are beautiful Rachel. I love this aspect of the web, the sharing and the opening of seeing the artwork of others, the knowing that this creative journey is not being taken alone, that across the globe, others are listening to their hearts and following that path which is not always easy to do. Thanks for sharing these artist's work with us.

lee said...

wow what great art

Yael said...

What a wonderful idea Rachel! :-)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh rachel, i love whats
growing in your garden
over here!
these new blooms
are altogether beautiful

but then what else would blossom
in your wonderful soil:)


aimee said...

oh these are beautiful! thank you for showing us these blossoms of others! xo

Tammie Lee said...

so beautiful, thank you for sharing these lovely ladies and their arts with us.