Monday, October 22, 2012

in the waiting

i'm looking forward to receiving my shipment of
all i did was listen books 
in about a month!
+ in the waiting, 
i made these bookmarks.
 anyone who orders the "girlfriend pack" gets them...
+ also,
you will receive one if you pre-order a single book
during just this week of oct 22-28

+ in the waiting,
i'm also trying to take notice 
of what is arriving now at my feet.
sending love always,
from my heart to yours.

12 comments: said...

..and YOU is so doggone terrific! and you can bet i'll be getting your book, sooon!
rain is at our feet today and i am loving it all.
and i'm wondering about all the different reasons for markings on this leaf, so BEAUTIFUL!
i hope you weren't up north here in calif., i'd die if missed you...if you ever travel this DO need to tell me rach, yeah, me and a few hundred others eh...but i'm serious!
i hope you have a fruitful or fruity, or both, work week! love to you! xo

Mary said...

Good morning sweet Rachel, can't wait to grab a copy of your book next month!

Hope your week is glorious!

Eden said...

I adore ur bookmark first I thought it was a new blog banner! All the best with ur book venture :)

Bella Sinclair said...

You can park your art in my book any time! ;)

Did you notice that your little heart-leaf looks like it has a winking face down on the bottom?

Happy Monday, sunshine!

Lisa Graham said...

I spend some time looking at your upcoming book on your look like such a great book and will bet being a psychologist you have all sorts of insights to share with the world. And art in the book to boot! I hope you can't keep enough copies on the shelf because this looks like a good one.

Jennifer Richardson said...

ohhhhh so excited, rachel!
your books are going to be
the sweetest joy to give handing out bouquets
of flowers grown special for each
heart I love
with heavendust clinging to each
thanks for pouring your beauty
into every bit and morsel,

Sandra van Doorn said...

yes we are waiting too :) i can’t wait to have the book Rachel, i think it will become my daily read for peace and happiness :)
I love what you do to the world Rachel
xo s andra

aimee said...

the wait is agonizing!! i will have to be so careful when it arrives because i'll be excited enough to eat it!

PiaRom said...

So wonderful to hear your book came out!...will going on etsy to make a look at it ♥ I am sure it is worse every penny!! hug from Conny

Anonymous said...
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Phillisa said...

What a nice surprise to go to the mailbox and see your little postcard. Just seeing the snippets in your Etsy shop makes me even more excited! I can't wait to get my copy!

Relyn Lawson said...

I am very, very excited for you. I don't know how you stand the wait.