Monday, November 19, 2012


a new print is available
(click on pic to make bigger)

+ it can also be found in cards,
which could be chosen 
in the girlfriend pack
through the holidays!

swinging out 
all the love
i can.


Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

Love Love Love this drawing of the sun! Swing from it all, shine on!

denthe said...

Love your new print and the optimistic happy words!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I've always loved to swing
and feel the beautiful rhythm
of lull and lift
in your artsy brilliance
and thank you for the happy tummy,
wind-in-hair, swooping and swelling
and the nudge to feel it always
because of all that offers
to swing me:)
I love you for that!
(and for just exactly who you are
as well)

Bella Sinclair said...

OOOOOH! How I love this! How I would love to swing next to you. We'd kick up the air and let our hair stream in the wind. Beautiful!

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL! Aaaaaaaah, Rachel! I am in love with your book. It's filled with such tenderness and wisdom and care and thought. The colors and images explode with meaning. I love to read and reread the quotes and find the meaning in my life. Thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication and love behind it all. You are beyond incredible!!!!


Sandra van Doorn said...

oh it’s so nice over here as usual. i’m waiting for my book to arrive, literally harassing the postmas everyday. next thing you know i’ll be sleeping by the letterbox! xo sandra

Tammie Lee said...

your book is wonderful
a delight
thank you so much

love the swing piece too
i am another lover of swaying on a swing

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

This is beautiful... love it!!

tricia said...

Love all of your art! My favorite one, "Free", hangs in my studio as a reminder each day. :)
I need to get a copy of your book!

christy said...

oh this one speaks to me
no, wait, it sings to me
it is my youngest
flying on the swing
a blur of the rainbow she is
(she loves them, dresses as one)


Samie said...

I really love this one! It speaks to me as I open more of myself up to the world around me and all the POSITIVITY it holds! <3, Samie

Plumrose Lane said...

What a darling blog ~ I could totally see "animated" top links made with your imagery for visitors to find your other links! Let me know if you're interested. *smile*

Jess said...

I have you lovely book Rachel! It is everything and more. Thankyou for your words and your heart.
Jess x

aimee said...

ohhhh... it's gorgeous! Gorgeous! Swinging from the sun!

PiaRom said...

...and the love will swing back to you ;) I allways enjoy the happiness in your paintings...the sun does shine brighter here on your blog ;)

Kathianne said...

Stopping by your site always makes me smile. said...

i wasn't even listening and i heard you call!! yay WINGING, SINGING AND SWINGING OUT WITH YOU! XO

Julie Hammond said...

Love this print. Just beautiful! It reminds me of a verse in the Bible. I paraphrase it down to, "Dwell on the lovely" Phil 4:8
You are an inspiration!

Jane said...

this one is great Rachel. Jx