Monday, December 10, 2012

for the season

bringing back a lil' collection
for the season

all living in the land of etsy
as prints + cards
with love 


Jennifer Richardson said...

these stir the twinkling
in my heart
in such a strong sweet way
.....THANK you
for shining so bright
this gray day:)

aimee said...

oh gosh...that first one... I am in love!!! happy happy happy to you rachel!

~Kristina said...

That last one is so awesome.

trish said...

At last I seem to be able to leave a comment! (I think it is my computer that has the problem)
Gorgeous designs.. so happy, and inspiring.x

Bella Sinclair said...

I SWEAR you have me floating a full 5 inches above my chair with these heavenly bits of awesomeness. Makes it kinda difficult to type.


denthe said...

Oh, they look great! Especially love "lit together"

Isabel said...

Love them all:O) Happy Holidays:O)

Jenny Blair said...

I love your festive collection.... messages of truth. xx Thankyou so much for your wonderful words and cheers..they are felt all the way over here :)xx

Unknown said...

Nice to see this art. Thanks....