Monday, January 28, 2013

new piece: hippy valentines day

(click on pic to see bigger)
etsy added w/love:

reviews + dear emails have been coming in
about reader's responses to the book
"all i did was listen"...
(can find book here for yourself and/or as a 
valentines gift! :

here are a few reviews, if you've been curious
about buying one, + if you already have a book
+ wouldn't mind gifting me with an additional review
at the link directly below, that would be lovely!

thank you, dearly, xo


Jenny Blair said...

now this kind of love I'm digging!:)Gorgeous! So wonderful that your book is having such a positive response..though it comes as no surprise...all you do is send out love of the grooooviest kind :)xx

christy said...

i am saving my pennies and soon will be able to welcome your book to our home, it is going to be so much FUN!!!
love that groovy valentine girl!

Jennifer Richardson said...

(shriek).....I looooooooove this
so much!!!!!!
oh rachel, wherever does it come from.
oh I know and still it's just so
w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l the beauty and brilliance that comnes tumbling
out of you
and onto paper:):):)
a hippy valentines day to you
and I so haven't forgotten
the words that want to get out
and into an e-mail
about your book
and they will, dear one,
they will.

Bella Sinclair said...

Heeheeheeheeee! Groooooovy love! That is adorable.

And wooohoooo on the book signing! My heart will be with you. xoxo

Clare said...

I love anything hippie - the colours, the style, the playfulness - most of all the peace! said...

you, it, she, all, they, you enter the world with LIFE, LOVE, WIND, and pure GROOVINESS! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP! XOXO

kelly barton said...

love. love. love.

pauline said...

oh, your hippie pants are FANTASTIC!! i sketched some groovy pants a while ago too, but they weren't as cool as yours. (
Btw, i purchased your book a while back and i LOVE IT. i've shown it to a few friends and they've also purchased. :-) It never fails to comfort me and often puts a smile on my face (or at least in my heart). Thank you for deciding to share it with the world. xox

aimee said...

hippie dippie doodly do valentine's day to you-you! groovy pants!

PiaRom said...

Ahh Rachel, so much to look at on your wonderful blog...but I am catched by your valentines hippie :)))) gorgeous !! where can I buy the shirt and her shoes?! hugs and kisses Conny