Monday, July 15, 2013

love + realsies

i had the "color run" on my calendar to do for months
(scheduled yesterday) + i had thought this run would be 
the topic of today's post.

instead, a fever rose up + said "stay home".
this reminded me of being 8 + my whole fam got sick 
+ we couldn't see the new pippi longstocking movie as planned!

the only thing left for me was to feel my sadness
+ then notice what may appear next...

sweetly, this dear artist, signe, was able to take my place
i moved, full circle, + ordered a pippi longstocking book + dvd!
another next will be a barnes + noble book signing
in roseville, minnesota, july 20 at 2pm
link: book signing 
all with love + realsies to the beats in our hearts


Creatively yours Fi said...

love this post Rachel :) It spoke to me once again x I might have to hunt down a pippi longstocking bookfor me & my lil one. x

Mary said...

"the only thing left for me was to feel my sadness
+ then notice what may appear next..."

so many times I run from this...fill it up with junk so I don't feel it...but I know I will experience it again...

Hope you are feeling better!

Anonymous said...

This is like being given the chance for a "do over" -- take care of you! xo

Julia said...

Hope you are feeling better, dear Rachel.

I adore & appreciate you so much.

Yael said...

Many blessings! I wish you feel better! :-) said... could I love you more every day? well, I do and get well fast and take good care, the world needs YOU! OXOX

Kim Mailhot said...

sorry you missed your colorful run but i think pippi is awesome medicine!!!!
big love to you, Beautiful One!

melifaif said...

YOU are amazing....I am soaking up your blog and hope to snatch up your book this weekend. I found you via Kelly Rae. You are now second in line for my favorite.... :)

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