Monday, September 20, 2010

monday manuscript baking/the beginning

ok all. this is my most vulnerable entry.
(deep breath.)
a couple years ago i created a manuscript capturing
the many wise & beautiful things i heard my clients say
in my psychology practice.
i just didn't want to keep it to myself.
in this manuscript, my artist self was also born
& that was a great surprise & gift.
i tried to get an agent & got close a couple times & it never took flight.
i am resolved to revise the whole thing.
i will share glimpses with you on mondays here.
this is my first couple pages about messiness inside.
the rightside quote is what a dear client said.
(my clients have given me permission & they are all anonymous).
the HOPE is to reflect back to EVERYONE how very
beautiful you are.
(i will continue to post an individual print/illustration or photo later in each week).


nacherluver said...

This is good. Really, really good. Bravo!
What a great idea! How therapeutic for you, your clients and everyone blessed to read your book. Good luck in your search for agent & publisher. You have a gift!

Onneke said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing x

Cathy Bueti said...

Rachel this is wonderful! What a lovely idea! Thanks for being so honest and sharing with us! :)

Lisa Rydin Erickson said...


vicki hartman said...

I also want to embrace messiness! Yay!!

Dori Patrick said...

Hi Rachel! I LOVE this idea! And thank you for sharing it with the rest of us!! I bet you saw so much wisdom in people that they themselves did not even realize they had inside. What a wonderful gift!

nevin said...

My dear Rache,

so lovely, beautiful.

"the HOPE is to reflect back to EVERYONE how very
beautiful you are." so true !! xxxx

ABCcreativity said...

rachel this makes my heart sing.
you have so many of us supporting you and believing in you.
i really know that this will happen.
this book needs to be out in the world!

Lori said...

Ok, can I just say that this whole post gives me goosebumps! I mean right now, as I'm typing, I have chills (good ones.)

I LOVE that you are sharing this with us.

I LOVE the whole concept of this lovely book.

I LOVE this first message and your art.

I LOVE that you are learning from your clients and putting that goodness out into the world.

Your sweet and kind-hearted soul is in the front of it all and you can feel it. (and I only saw page one!)

By opening up here and sharing I believe you are showing trust and faith in your book. You are showing the universe that you are serious. With that AND all of our collective energy loving this up, it will be sent into book doubt :)

Yael said...

Hm - I am listening!! Always tried not to be messy inside - if my life was a tohuvabohu on the outside I desperately tried to keep things in order inside me - hm - maybe I should over-think it!
Wonderful thought provoking post - very lovely drawing! Thank you!

Robin Norgren, M.A, Owner of Josey's Art School said...

Oh my gosh this is SO GORGEOUS AND GRIPS MY HEART (and is holding on tight!) Please please show me more. And I look forward to when it can be in the hands of MANY...

ELK said...

keep going can make this happen touches so many ..your art with words and lovely lines and color...i am really happy to be here to see breath....

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

wow, this is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing it. Can't wait to see more.

gypsysticks said...

...first of all, ditto what Lori said...

secondly, how true that "our blossomy birthing bellies" all have something good and honest and true that the world needs to see. blessed are we that you are sharing yours with us...

Shelly said...

I am definitely feeling the messiness quote. I struggle with wanting to be messy, but then my inner neatnick always comes back to clean up. Oh, and then there's the whole thing about being judged by whomever sees my messes - physical ones or mental ones. A constant struggle. Great quote... really touched home with me.

sherilee said...

So exciting! I'm sure your book will be very inspiring, like everything you do!

Dionne said...

This is great! What an interesting idea. Love the pic too!

sara said...

I love it! I love your honesty and ALWAYS love your art.

Julia said...

Oh, i so love this. What a beautiful way to honor those you've worked with & to connect with & expand other hungry spirits.

Your audience is already here, waiting & eager...

I can't wait to see how this unfolds--with magic, i'm sure.

Sending love to your sweet heart.

the wanderer [bernard] said...

this is so exciting--we get to see ourselves through others--how we're so much thinking and feeling the same way. it's liberating. thank you!

Kolleen said...


i third what Lori said....she put it so perfectly!!!

i LOVE that you are sharing....t
hat you are "putting it out there" and
i KNOW it WILL take flight!!!
without a doubt
in my crazy, messy mind!!!

page one ROCKS!!!!
i cannot wait to read more.

Rachel, you are a magnet.
People are drawn to you.
to your art.
to your words.
to your vision.

just wanted you to know that

lovin you

Unknown said...

it will come to be. all of it. for all of us that believe in the truth that we know that we dare to show. it WILL come to be. To be be be. it will come to BE.

S. Etole said...

that you are sharing this ... a privilege

Megan Coyle said...

I'm looking forward to your Monday posts - what a lovely idea. And I like embracing the messy too :)

Anonymous said...

Golly this is exciting. And awesome. I love that you are doing this! ♥

SheilaC said...

Rachel, good luck with the possible publishing!

I will send positive thoughts out to the universe. :)

Thank you for sharing your work in progress, it is wonderful!


painted fish studio said...

beautiful... thank you so much for sharing, rachel!

lori vliegen said...

deep vulnerable breaths are always a good thing.....

keep breathing deep sweet are about to emerge like a precious little butterfly!! xox, :))))

Lisa said...

Rachel, I believe your book is baking right here and right now. You are so kind to share pieces of your perspective right out of the oven. I keep writing "recipes" myself, testing them out, but I am too afraid to share them. The tastes you share here, help me to be more courageous and patient. Thank you, as always.

Rebecca Anthony said...

You are a genius with your words!! SO talented beautiful one!

Suz said...

This is so lovely. I will be sure and show my daughter, Kat, who I hope you can meet someday (we also live in St. Paul but are in Croatia for our exchange student son's wedding). She is finishing her MSW and wants to add an expressive therapy certificate to this. i was a former school and child psychologist and got very ill so, no more (and my husband is a behavioral wonder our daughter didn't choose this until her thirties).

Anyway...I love your work so much and do think this should be published. I have put you on my Reader so I don't lose you again! It is so profound!

(Stop and visit, if you would like. It is truly just the barest amount about our jewelry! We wanted just Katsui and it was taken!)

Jess said...

Hi Rachel, thankyou for all your kind and lovely words on my blog :) I've given you a blog award today if you get a chance to pop over and see! xx

tangled sky studio said...

this is art that feels very alive...i like that. a lot.
congrats on the great spread in artful blogging it's really lovely to see page after page of you lovely color and beautiful words!

Kathianne said...

I will buy your book! Keep at it Rachel!

Kat McNally said...

Dear one, thank you for stopping by to say hello on my blog. Your words made my heart swell in the way which tells me I have met a kindred spirit.
I have been luxuriating in your art and words "from afar" from some time, but now I want to step forward and tell you how delighted I am that you are going to let your story unfold, page by page. I can't wait to read, see, hear more.
Kat x

Faith said...

Amazing, I can completely envision a book like this full of your beautiful work. I love the way that you combine such heartfelt deep words with your simple images. Just wonderful. I pray that your journey with this will lead you to the right venue for making this into the book that it needs to be! xo

Faiza said...

i love a little mess! can't wait for next monday!

Laura said...

beautiful, beautiful...thanks for this sharing.

suzanne cabrera said...

Thank you for being vulnerable! This is beautiful...definitely a book I'd love to have!!!

LeelaBijou said...

Very, very beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I look forward to more glimpses.

leonie.wise said...

holy moly lady!

this is A.MAZ.ING!
i would love to hold that book in my hands.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea...thanks for sharing. You're off to a fantastic start, thank you!

Jennifer Richardson said...

for the brave birthing
of this gift
to us all
and to the ones
to come after us!
And bravo for YOU
~you are pure, raw
gift YoUrsElF!!!
I'm giddy over the
gift of you:)

Tammie Lee said...

I love that you are doing this. Clearly you have wonderful wisdom and insight and your sweet charming art is a wonderful way to share with us!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

That you are able to pick out the gems and treasure them shows how much you really do listen to your clients and value what they say. This is moving and beautiful on many different levels, dear Rachel. I'm sure some of the best wisdom comes during times of distress and deep reflection, and how lucky we are that you are there to capture them all. This is a brilliant collection, and I cannot wait to see more!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad to know you Rachel, you're pretty darn special. :) Loving these beautiful words with your bright illustration. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

aimee said...

i want to preorder right this minute!

Lisa said...

After that deep breath, you can inhale knowing that you are taking in oodles of love in return.

This is beautiful and I know I am not alone when I say that I cannot wait to see the finish product. This is a brilliant idea and your art truly brings it to life.

Thank you - to all of your clients for sharing themselves and to you for bringing their beauty to light.

Elizabeth Halt said...

This is beautiful. This seems like such a beautiful reflecting of your clients back to themselves. I am excited to see more of your book.

Carissa Paige said...

I just want to stand on rooftops, tree tops, out of moonroofs, jump out of planes, and scream
This book is going to kick serious booootay!
I can't wait
You could always self-publish through or somewhere, because the world needs (and my messy insides need!) this boooook ASAP!

YEAH! Woo! Honk-honk! Toot-toot!
Love you,

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Anyone ever tell you how BRILLIANT you are???? Huh???? You are amazing and fantastic and inspiring for sure. This is just pure fabulousness!!!! Hug V

Anonymous said...

oh, fabulous fabulous! I am so happy and proud for you. And what the previous commenter has said about you being brilliant --- DITTO!

I have been so wrapped up with my class! I want to tell you that I got your prints and I love them so much. I´m trying to think of a way to frame them so they are protected but in such a way that the frame doesn´t interfere with the art. I like it without any frame. I guess it´s time to go frame hunting.

You inspire me.

Unknown said...

ha! it's that first little step :) don't you love starting out on a journey? so many vistas ahead

kelly@thebluemuse said...

i love everything about this...perfect.

Anonymous said...

Yippee for you and I can't wait to keep seeing the manuscript, one image at a time! Congrats, and keep pursuing getting this published, check out happy October 1st!