Monday, June 3, 2013

barnes & noble!

"all i did was listen" is now in minnesota barnes + noble stores!

(mall of america, calhoun, downtown mpls, maplewood, highland, har mar, + galleria)
for those of you not in minnesota, hopefully these will eventually travel your way as well
+ for now, avail in my shop at or through amazon w/love.


Sherry said...

Must be all kinds of awesome to walk into a large chain bookstore and see your book on the table!! :)

Lisa Rydin Erickson said...

Contagious Congradulations!!!! This is wonderful news!

Jennifer Richardson said...

that just makes me sooooo deep down
it's exactly the stuff of blooming:)
giddy in my heart
for you
and all the hearts that will
blossom in such beautiful light.

Susie said...

that is AWESOME Rachel. Standing ovation from Coon Rapids and much applauding and shouting. My copy is proudly displayed and well loved.An honor much deserved. I have no doubt it will touch many hearts and souls. xxooxx

christy said...

so happy for you!
so great that the world is getting your love through this book!!!!!