Monday, June 10, 2013

easel work

i have walked through my moms' t-shirts,
drying in her kitchen entryway

to begin painting flowers on her cabinets

+ cleared off the clutter that was above + below.
(next, i will bring blues into those blooms)
walking into each others lives, through all that it is,
is not always easy work, but it is the work of this easel,
+ of my very life.


jacqueline said...

The flowers are looking really adorable! Have a beautiful week and love to you!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh rachel.
i so so so love this
...the work of your very life, indeed.
so much healing happening.
it's stunning, the beauty.

Mary said...

More than flowers are blooming...

Much love to you dear Rachel!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. Much love.

j said...


Susie said...

beautiful and touching.xox

Isabel said...

Beautiful words and what a great idea!!!! Cannot wait to see it finished:O)

Jane said...

very special. Look forward to seeing the finished product. Have a super week!

creative arts from my heart said...

I love love the washi tape