Monday, April 23, 2012

again in april + new tees + a GIVEAWAY

here is another early art piece through april (all still available w/love through my shop a reaching out from my heart to yours. always.


"hit your high note + shine" + "girl riding on a tulip" are both available now as t-shirts in my shop ( it's been so fun to see these come to "life"


i'd like to offer a set of 3 cards giveaway + will randomly draw + announce the winner april 30. if you'd like to be entered, leave a comment here of your fav 3 images for cards ( + a way to reach you. you will get additional entries if you become a new follower on my blog or facebook or pinterest or twitter pages (see all links on right side of my blog) or announce my giveaway on your blog or facebook page. thank you, dear ones!


Yael said...

Those are beautiful words-I hope you will sell many of them dear Rachel, so they can be spread among good people... :-)

rachel awes said...

good morning all ~
i realize, as i wrote this blog entry in three pieces, that i shared my etsy link 3X...goodness sakes! once would be enough...thank you for your grace w/my oopsa daisy-ness :)

Diane said...

I would love to have more of your art and words here with me!

christy said...

love letters
to the brim

are the ones that call to me most today

oh how i love the magic you make

i will find a moment to photo the spring art you made on my wall and put an entry in my blog!

you are inspiring me to do a spring giveaway!!!


Jennifer Richardson said...

"oopsa-daisyness"....chuckling over
that marvelous word!!!!!
oh I shall use that and often:):):)
that absolutely made my day!

aaaaaand, the clearing out clutter
to make room for the matters of the heart beauty just
makes my heart shine bright!
oh you do cut to the heart
of the matter
in such a lovely easy-daisy way:)

thanks for sharing the treasure
inside of beautiful, beautiful

anne said...

So much deliciousness! Hard to choose from. But I love:

I am Not Alone:
Day and Night,
More Room.

Hmm..a haiku.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Bella Sinclair said...

So true, isn't it? As we grow older, we getter a better sense of what really matters. Beautiful as always!

Your t-shirts look fabulous!

Oooh, cards! So many of your pieces fill my heart. I love, especially:

Day and Night

Thank you and have a beautiful week! xoxo

Isabel said...

A lovely piece with such beautiful words:O)

Kim Mailhot said...

Your art and your heart fill me with joy !

I adore :
Day & Night
Taking in my Full Garden
Dearest Hope

And the t-shirts look marvelous !!!

Wonderful work, Beautiful !

C. said...

I read that and just went "Ahhh!" Yes, a cluttered heart is not wide open, now is it? Very nice!

trish said...

Impossible to choose as all so WONDERFUL!
I like very much "insides matter", "more room" and "constellations are also on the ground"

Much love to you. said...

LOVE THIS piece rachel! it speaks to my clutter, which is all mixed media and i wish someone would come over and get bunches of it...hey, there's an idea...bouquets of ephemera!!! xoxo

Ana Márquez said...

What a charming blog, congrats :-)

Tammie Lee said...

such a lovely and wise piece.

how sweet that you are having a give away. it would be impossible to pick three of your pieces, each one touches my heart.

Shannon Ganshorn said...

Arms Open Wide, Tulip, and Soaking are my three favourites! Thanks for posting this in the Art Comminutiy on Facebook! I wasn't familiar with your work and I love it!!

Shannon Ganshorn at gmail dot com

Mary C. Nasser said...

These are my three favorites:

I am not alone
She found a friend in a fox
And the pink Pilut :)

So nice to meet you through FB’s Magically Mixed Art Community.
I am your newest blog follower, too! :)

Thank you for the opportunity to win!

All the best,
Mixed-Media Map Art

Amanda St.Clair said...

Thanks for sharing your loveliness with us!
live into the fullness
speak the truth


Dee said...

I love them all and would be proud to win anyone of them. You can reach me on FB.

christy said...

i just put your spring art in my blog and mentioned your fantastic giveaway...thanks for your generosity and generous creativity!!!

Sandra van Doorn said...

Hey Rachel, gosh you made me laugh with your comment about posting your etsy link 3 times!
lIt’s ovely to come here today, like a nice walk in a park, so fresh and inspiring...

Jenny said...

what fun, your images on t-shirts look great! Oooh its a hard one to choose but my my fave images would have to be "friend found in a fox", "peacock whisperer" and "for you".
Thanks so much for all the likee/love on facebook :)x

Jane said...

Hi Rachel. love your latest work and it applies so directly to me today and a friend. we are both coincidentally clearing clutter today! my three favs... speak the truth, fullness of who I am, and your new one 'as she grows older'. hugs of happiness coming your way. Jane x

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I ran right over..... Whew..... give me a second.. to.. um.... catch mm.. my.... uh breathe...... Wait for it.....
THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I just love your latest collection of work. Rachel what a pure inspiration you are. Your worlds lift me and encourage my soul. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my little neck of the blog woods. Sending you much Shalom and love.

Lisa said...

I am on a journey at the moment to turn my life into what it was meant to be. I have been living the life of what others think I should be, not following my passions and being stuck in situations, relationships and etc. that do not support who I am or who I am truly meant to be. The three cards that I love from you collection are speak the truth, live into fullness and I am free to love what I love. Not only are the designs inspiring, but they speak to me as to the path I am taking.

Raychel said...

Rachel- you know I love your work!

My favorites are Day and Night, Flower Shower, and Prayer to the Wall. Love that you capture such poetic and soulful moments in drawings and words!


Anonymous said...

Speak the truth
It's this simple
Taking in my full garden

It was really tough to choose three! Love them all. Today I really needed the one about speaking the truth. I wish everyone did that more!
mahgwi21 at yahoo

kelly barton said...

were you channeling me on this one?????hee

kelly barton said...

were you channeling me on this one?????hee

Carissa Paige said...

I just adore you in every which way.
What a blessing you are in this world!
Stardust & Silver & Gold.

Lori said...

oh my dear, I am SO IN LOVE with this print in this post! I am completely swooning over this one. I am so headed to your shop right now to check out those T's. As I finish my tea in my All I Did Was Listen mug that I adore. xo

Susie Lubell said...

you just get it right every time lady. magic.

Eden said...

Another Wise Winner Message <3