Monday, August 19, 2013


in response to not feeling well,
my dear six year old brilliant friend, meseret,
made me a drawing of myself in a jacuzzi, complete with a heartsun.
i'm so grateful for the good + plenty that springs
from friendship...which includes each + every one of you.
+ congratulations to both jennifer + terri for winning free spots
for 21 secrets LIVE (see the previous post)!
i decided to expand this giveaway from one to two winners
+ just wish i could give it to everyone who entered!
there is, however, an early bird discount for registering now, dear ones!


Lisa said...

I LOVE your heartsun--BOTH heartsuns. Beautiful inspiration to draw from.


terri said...

Thank you for the wonderful gift dear. I'm so looking forward to this.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Thanks for letting your heartsun
shine so bright
....warms me through and through
it does:)
beautiful, Rachel...thank you.
-Jennifer said...

oh how I love children, and here it is in our face, thank you for sharing her! just love your words and new painting missy! ox

aimee said...

I need a heartsun!!

aimee said...

p.s. I hope you're feeling better :))

denthe said...

Such wonderful words... Love the way you can say things! Hope you'll soon feel better!

Faiza said...

From now on, I'll always think of a heart when I see the sun!

Susie said...

I adore this one so much Rachel. So sweet.

Erin K said...

What an adorable drawing...I love this so much and congrats to those who won! Yayyy! ^_^

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