Monday, August 26, 2013

ole's starlight club + so much possibility

when i was in elementary school, my dad owned a bar called
"ole's starlight club" (ole was his dad's name).
he died a few years ago + i received his blue club shirt
+ decided to transform it + sent these drawings, along with his shirt,
 to this sweet birdie blue in australia to work her magic!
+ here's what she did!

woo hoo!

on another ((love)) note,
 i'd love to share with you
the story of when much changed for me
a few years ago... as an example for all of us ~ of how
the impossible simply ~ isn' kelly rae beautifully puts it
click here to see: kelly rae roberts' blog 


Unknown said...

Such a lovely and happy dress! I'm sure it will put the biggest smile on your face every time you wear it. xo Laly

aimee said...

i loooooooove it!!

Lisa said...

Beautiful shirt with a beautiful story/history to go with it--love the collaboration!

Thanks for sharing your interview. I feel I'm in one of those "real" moments right now. Your words--"These moments are as real as the peanut butter you spread on your toast." help me feel more grounded at this time. Thanks, Rachel.


Faiza said...

love this old is new shirt. you are wonderful possibilitarian rachel awesome ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great thing to have to remind you of your Dad. I love it! xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

that is just about the coolest
thing I've ever SEEN!!!
what a fantastic idea....thanks
for shining a little light
on the magic-working seamstress
who put your poetry into pattern
and sewed it up fresh and beautiful:)
you're such a gorgeous wonder,
Jennifer said...

tew groovy for words! ox

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are just on a creative roll girlfriend!! How cute!

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