Friday, August 2, 2013

listening to you

this lovely artist is
junelle jacobsen

i am Yes and Amen, Junelle Jacobsen ~ an avid photojournalist, prolific sketcher, a wild art teacher and mentor,  mum of boy-men, a nun-in-disguise, and lover of the sheep.  

i am a passionate advocate for playful curiosity and living life through daily adventures ~ i want to see, to experience, to understand and then share the goodness that abounds in this life.  it doesn’t matter if it is sketching, smearing gesso, shooting photographs, biking or hiking, writing prose, or sharing a laugh...whatever helps to see the world anew everyday -- that is my daily work, my call in life.

a huge part of that is learning to live life with open & unclenched hands, follow the divine path wherever it takes me, and remembering to have a bag packed for what’s coming next.  i choose to live life with a “Yes” on my lips, a welcoming heart for new friends, and that *adventure* word scribbled at the top of every day’s list.

+ this lovely artist is
monika welch

i am a mixed media artist, tutor and i own a gallery here in NZ called hot ginger. i like painting woman figures, who are sometimes, strong, playful, haunting, mysterious, .....but all with stories. i like writing stories, writing songs and painting stories...which are always open to interpretation. i love to teach and share the creative LOVE. creating is its on therapy and i feel it is my life's pleasure to teach people to create....and give them permission to play!


if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to 


Jennifer Richardson said...

a nun in disguise and lover of the sheep:)
oh my heart.
I love this woman
and her balmy words.....thanks
for sharing.

SAB said...

Totally concur w/ sound like a jewel..I just loved reading your self description..ever hear of "living your obituary"? Sounds like you got that down pat! Made me smile..not easily done these days!Thanks,Susan

Anonymous said...

Wishing she would share more pics.. but alas we asked and she would not.

Erin K said...

What a wonderful post! They sound both so inspiring and beautiful. Made me smile today. <3

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