Friday, September 6, 2013

listening to you

this lovely artist is
denise thewissen

i have been creating all kinds of things for as long as i can remember. i come alive when i have a paintbrush or a pencil in my hand, i make mosaics, i sew my own clothes, and generally have more ideas in my head than i have time to work them out. painting is my passion. it gives me energy and makes me happy and i want to share that feeling with people. with my art i want to bring some joy into the world, colour instead of grey, emotions instead of indifference, sun instead of rain. i want to take people into a magical world full of life and energy, and come out of it with a positive happy feeling. i love combining my art with quotes, make people think, urge people to see the good in themselves and in the world around them. give them a sense of wonder that they can take with them and use in their own life.

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this lovely artist is
jenny grant

jenny says "namaste is a customary greeting + a symbol of gratitude + respect in Hindu. this painting tells me to just stop + be silent, mindful, + listen even though i am in the middle of a hectic life + a cluttered world. i want to listen + i want to be grateful!

jenny is a self taught mixed media artist that creates her art based on an intuitive process. her paintings evolve as she paint and when she finds her flow magic happens! she work with mixed media- acrylic paint, oil pastels, ink, color pencils, fabrics, paper and photos… anything that comes her way. her work is very rich with many layers that add depth and texture. her work is exhibited and for sale both in Sweden and New Zealand as well as on-line.

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if you would like your art/photography referencing listening here, please email me with 1-2 attachments, your links + short bio to


denthe said...

Thanks so much for featuring me Rachel! Really appreciate being on your gorgeous blog :-)

Tammie Lee said...

hello Rachel,

thank you for sharing these artists and their inspiring bios and beautiful art. I love the feeling in each of these pieces.

Sunny K. Lee said...

Lovely paintings ~

Robin said...

Wow!!!! Both artists are amazing and what beautiful creations that look like they came straight from the heart of the artist. Thank you for sharing with us!

Erin K said...

Wow, what amazing art that comes straight from the heart of these two artists. Thank you so much for sharing them! <3

Anonymous said...

Always fascinating to see new work and feel what other artists are doing and their impact. Thanks. xox

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