Monday, September 30, 2013


i made this for my friend's pilates teacher,
who walks around the room as people are stretching
+ touches them while she encourages/guides them
+ calls these "yappas" (her marvelous made-up word).
let's all sign-up just for the yappas!
all with love xox


Jennifer Richardson said...

I love yappas and her made up word
and people brave enough to let the Love come out in language and touch.
Gonna give more yappas today
....thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet and who doesn't love made up words. xox

Robin said...

Oh how cute! I love the Yappas!!!

Jess said...

I'd like some yappas please! :)
Jess x x

pauline said...

Rachel, your illustrations are getting better & better all the time. Such lovely colors with just the right amount of breathing space. :-) oh, and thank you for telling me "yappas" was a made up word. (i was gonna look it up). ;-) Have a great weekend! xox

PiaRom said...

What a sweet illustration and so lovely the word-creation ♥♥♥ Love also the colors you choose! ♥ Conny
Mix It Monthly

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