Monday, September 2, 2013

be realistic

i found this saying on twitter this week
+ my soul stirred +
have since dedicated time for miracle planning

speaking of miracles,
the next day i walked into the miracle of life barn
at the minnesota state fair + met/pet this dear heart named "taffy"
who was just one day old (melt)

want to join me + plan a miracle too?
wondering what will come next for each of us...
(print at top is etsy added with love


Anonymous said...

Sweet miracles, planning, flying, being open. xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this, Rachel
....the Taffy in me loves this:)
Dreaming of the miracles I'd like to write down
so I can tuck them into the soil
and pat them gentle with hope.
loving thanks, friend,

Robin said...

This is wonderful Rachel and something I really needed today. Today is the day I start planning for my miracles. Thank you! Oh and Taffy (melt, sniff, sniff) looks like a goat I had 20 years ago and got when he was only 2 days old. Thank you for sharing. said...


aimee said...

I loved it and I shared it!!! xo

Unknown said...

This is so lovely ;) Is it OK to pin it or share on FB?

rachel awes said...

thank you all!
laly, yes to sharing it! please accompany the share with including my link.
thank you with LOVE XOX rachel

Julia said...

Miracle planning...I'm breathing this in deeply right now, dear Rachel. You've inspired me to do a bit of my own...

Your art & that one-day-old miracle, oh my.

I love you so, blessed one.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh yes! I want to join you. Let's be intentional and plan for those miracles. I'm watching more closely now because of your encouragement Rachel.

♥Lee Ann

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