Friday, February 5, 2010

heart pulp


Carmen said...

What a great illustration... all your illustrations are great! So sweet of you to stop by my blog. I just love your superhero rainbow healer alter ego! So glad you shared!

Your blog is such a treat!


Melissa said...

Oh, Rachel. I love this. Bless you for sharing your creativity with us!

Unknown said...

I really love your use of overlapping and line. It really pulls me in and speaks soft volumes. Thanks for stopping by my blog tday. Haved a lovely afternoon.

Anonymous said...


I really love your style!

roxanne s. sukhan said...

heart pulp. so sublime.

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

Just beautiful. Your style is all your own. I love it.

Your work encourages me to embrace what makes me "me" in my artwork--yours is so clearly you!

Kolleen said...

love this Rachel!

love your style...heart pulp...sigh.


Manon said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Rachel!! I really love yours!!

chrissy said...

love you rachel.
this is sooo wonderful!
i can't wait for the day i meet you in person.
you ooze creativity, simplicity and love!
the best stuff.

rachel awes said...

*carmen* thank you dearly for cheerleading my heart. xo, rh.

*melissa* thank you for your blessing & love...right back at ya, beauty!

*jenni* you heard soft volumes/thank you for such a reflection! you are an artist of words as well as colors! what a gift to hear YOU.

*olwyn* hello to you! thank you for your kind words!!

*tinkerbell* thank you for echoing this post back in this way...pitter patter for my pulp!

*amanda* i love your inspiration to embrace what makes you, amanda, in your artwork. i can't wait to see your beauty expressed & send oodles of love & support!

*kolleen* love your kindness, your heart, sigh. truly dooly do. xoxo

*manon* thank you for stopping by too & joining in a mutual love of our heart works! i'm so gulpy grateful.

*chrissy* womaaaaaan, who oozes best stuff yourself!! where even are you in our big beautiful world? new hampshire? rome? china? i'll meet you with tea & chocolate in one hand & a hug in the other! thank you so much for your ongoing love. xoxo

aimee said...

this is so JUICY! :)

reub-envision said...

your art makes me smile

rachel awes said...

*aimee* & you are so DREAMY! xo

*reub-envision* your comment makes me smile. thank you! :)

Susie Lubell said...

I just tried to gobble up my monitor so I could have this piece inside me. xo

rachel awes said...

*inner toddler* you have no idea how good your delicious comment made me feel! wow! & your words are such evidence of AMAZEMENT inside you.xo

Leah said...

rachel, i'm so glad we could share an hour on the radio. how fun! and i'm even happier to see your beautiful art that fills my heart with delight!!!