Tuesday, February 9, 2010

what do you love?


hatjunkie said...

Nice image to be made up of all the things we love.

ELK said...

so clever..so true, especially the right arm and of course both legs!

ABCcreativity said...

i love this!

Kolleen said...

this is GREAT!! i absolutely love it!!!

your artwork is so beautiful!!

today i am loving a warm fresh cup of coffee, the tender heartedness of my almost 10 year old sophia, cozy pair of slippers, reading, journaling and dreaming...yes. dreaming!!


chrissy said...

i heart this rachel
you are the BEST.
i am sooo super happy i found you my friend.
love & hearts to you today.
p.s. thanks for sharing your hearts with me...they are going on my heart post today! just f.y.i.


aimee said...

this is a total delight! what a fun project this would be for a bunch of people to tackle and then compare to see which words defined their passions.

Faiza said...

family, friends, love, words, choice, art, music and ....potatos.

lori vliegen said...

how fabulous is this?!! i love the way your creative mind works.....! and i must admit that the "chocolate arm" of your doodle is quite high on my "love list"!! :)))

rachel awes said...

*hatjunkie* oh my gosh..this one has a hat! & i'm tipping mine to all you love. with love.

*elk* i laughed out loud when i read your comment about the right arm...thank you for that & for all the beauty your being so clearly captures. with love.

*andrea* & i love YOU!! with love.

*kolleen* your ongoing love & affirmation are deepprized gifts to me. i love the name sophia!! & i'm intrigued by your dreaming. on that note, sweet dreams, sweet kollen. with love.

*chrissy* & i am s.o.o.o super duper happy to have found you peoria present friend. mutual bestings. yes. with love.
(& all...check out chrissy's inspired heart project!! www.chrissygardner.blogspot.com)

*aimee* & i totally delight in YOU & all the passionate projects that pour so prettily. with love.

*faiza* ahhhh! love your list! so interesting to have "choice" in there! yesyes to that! & of course...who doesn't love a potato?!!! (& you!!). with love.

*lori* thank you for your fab love...it lifts me like a chocolate arm! with love.

Susan Tuttle said...

your illustrations make my heart sing:)

Anonymous said...

I love art and poetry, and art making and words. I love the alphabet and books and visits to the public library. I love cooking and eating, and sharing food with people I love. I love chocolate and oranges and cheese and pasta. I love my family and friends and my dog. I love wind and sunlight, the ocean and trees. I love people like you who continue putting beautiful things out into the world.

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

When are you going to start selling this stuff? Seriously. SERIOUSLY! You're amazing.

leonie.wise said...

i love coming here


Melissa said...

Beautiful. I love it. What a reminder to stop and appreciate the things both little and big that uniquely warm our hearts. I'm going to go home and collage-journal my own "loves".

Anonymous said...


first of all, thanks for coming by my blog for a visit...and your comment...
I came on over to see you too...and I think I'll follow you now...because your drawings made me smile instantly!

come back anytime, follow me too if you like!
glad to have met you
ciao bella

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, you have to take a good look and soak in everything this beautiful creation as to offer. Love the word arms and legs. Writting all over, everywere. Totally lovely and cool!

Lovely to hear from you, thank you so much.

rachel awes said...

*susan* ..& your comment leaves my heart with a song.. thank you with love.

*nicole* i love the poetry gift you left here. a secret treasure, truly. wow. thank you with love.

*liv* i promise i will open an etsy shop! i just need a good window of time to work on it, to collect some more materials, & fine tune my art on the computer to be print-ready (& muster up courage for the tech part of doing it!)...all that being said, your encouragement rests & melts so sweetly in my heart! YOU are amazing, seriously. thank you with love.

*leonie* i love you coming here & i love to go your way too. a journey back & forth whereby i skip as i travel. thank you with love.

*melissa* ooooh, i'd love to hear of your loves!! i'm so excited about your pull to collage-journal, beautiful one! thank you for your kind words, with love.

*carmelina* instantaneous smiling must be contageous, as mine warmed reading your comment! bella bella you! thank you with love.

*julie-ann* i prize your soak invitation & find i love the words, arms, legs, wings, everything, of what comes out of you & on to canvas. big hugs back with love.

Lindy G. Gaskill said...

This is beautiful. I agree with other people's comments that you should sell these as cards or prints. They are so uplifting and bring smiles and warm thoughts!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, this is BRILLIANT! Very clever. I'd love to try this, too. I love your drawings. There is so much freedom and energy.