Tuesday, February 16, 2010

pretty ditties dwell within us


Manon said...

Hey Rachel!!

Love this *ol' song*!!!

Kolleen said...

loving the love!!!

loving your words and your images that go with them!

love visiting your blog!!


chrissy said...

rachel...this is AWES-om!
you rock.
do you play the guitar?
it.s on my mondo beyondo list..someday.
i can however play twinkle twinkle little star.
happy tunes!

Valentina Harper said...

This is *SUPER* Love the colors :)

We Blog Artists said...

RACHEL...I AM IN AWE of your wonderful World...the way you see things, and the sweetest of comments you left on OUR BLOG...thank you sweet Soul!

JRonson said...

so cute this one :)

aimee said...

and to that, i say: you ROCK!

Faiza said...

jam on to the sweet sounds of love!

rachel awes said...

*manon* thank you so much!..hope you've felt the love beat! xo

*kolleen* love your love & love hearing from you!! xo

*chrissy* i bet you play a great twinkle twinkle little star! i actually have a red acoustic guitar like this, & took lessons a couple years ago for a while, & then got distracted by other things! would love to get back to it/a shared mondo beyondo list! xo

*valentina* thank you for your SUPER...it feels like a sparkly sticker! xo

*char* thank you for making my wonderful world wonderfuller! your comments mean oodles...hugs & much love back. xo

*jronson* great to hear from you & to receive your smile. smile back!!

*aimee* & you rock too...a big hit with me! xo

*faiza* & i love your sweet sounds!!! xo

Ingrid said...

happy [belated] valentine's day to you, too! ~ why don't we just have a whole week dedicated to love! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love this--and it even rhymes! Your drawings are so full of joy and laughter!