Friday, February 12, 2010

a home for everyone


Faiza said...


hatjunkie said...

Seems reasonable. A great wish.

Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful wish !

ELK said...

a dream . a need . looks like a lovely block .welcome home.

red or gray art

Lisa said...

Ooh, I love this! What is it made from? Beautiful wish...may we all find ourselves at home.

chrissy said...

you are the BEST!
i just did an art piece with homes too!
maybe i.ll share someday.
we must be on the same "heart home"page!
happy heart weekend.
thanks for all the hearts shared with me.

aimee said...

yes! it's PERFECT!

rachel awes said...

*faiza* & love your heart! love..

*hatjunkie* thanks for being with me!! love..

*kim* thank you for joining in the beauty & great to hear from you! love..

*elk* can't wait to see your home post!! love..

*lisa* it's card stock with glued on magazine cut outs! thanks for loving/you are so good at it!! love..

*chrissy* i reeeeeally hope to see your home art too! doesn't surprise me about the page thing. :) love..

*aimee* & yes to YOU! love..


Kolleen said...

this is lovely!!!

i love it!!!

xoxo happy heart weekend to you!


Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Oh, this is just gorgeous. So simple but yet so powerful. I really like it.

rachel awes said...

*kolleen* thank you for your ongoing love expressions (from the bottom of my heart)...happy valentines day! xoxo

*cathy* thank you for having gorgeous eyes to see (and to tell me!). happy valentines day! xoxo

suzanne l. vinson said...

so sweet. love your new pieces, especially this one! i am looking forward to hearing your march 1st story. that's my son's birthday, so it will be extra special to read your article that day! thank you for your good comments! come, spring, come.

rachel awes said...

*suzanne* oh my goodness..& my march 1 story is also tied to one of my sons! a son-spring dear connection! great to hear from you. xo