Monday, September 23, 2013

my deepest love

wanted to share this drawing with you...
 a gift to a newly married couple this month with part
of their sweet vows included.
((always yes to the deep + full + tenderest)) xox


Yael said...

A lovely and meaningful gift - so pretty Rachel! :-)

Anonymous said...

Perfect! xox

Jennifer Richardson said...

this gives me the tenderest
goose bumps
and stirs again the love I want
to live
and that kind of stirring
is always heaven-sent
and I THANK you for the light
you shine into my days
......beautiful treasure,
this bit of art
(what a rich couple to receive
this from such an exquisite heart)

Robin said...

That's beautiful Rachel! Your friends are blessed by their love and vows and YOU in their lives! Rasz said...

ALWAYS YES, and this says it without the writing even, ever! ox

pauline said...

so so beautiful Rachel... there is not a more thoughtful gift for a friends who are marrying. Lots of love in this deep illustration. xox

Relyn Lawson said...

Their vows are utterly beautiful - completely perfect. I'd like to meet the two who promise such things. I bet their smiles simply sparkle.

Faiza said...


Mark Horst said...


JaneA said...

This is so gorgeous! I love the way the circles are inclosing the couple, surrounding them with love (and those lovely warm colours.) You really have a talent for making words and ideas come to life on paper. X Jane

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